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About us

New Age Cleaning Services has been
established for over 19 years and during this time our list of clients has grown to include some of Melbourne's larger Councils. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service and achieve this by employing a skilled workforce that uses state of the art machinery
and equipment.


The services we offer our clients at
New Age Cleaning Services ranges from Beach Raking and Cleaning, to litter bin collection and loose litter removal.
We also can provide high pressure cleaning, graffiti removal and amenities cleaning.


Andrew Newman - Director and Projects Manager

Andrew Newman is the Director of New Age Cleaning Services and has been involved in the Contract Cleaning business since 1992. Andrew has considerable and extensive experience in the planning, preparation, operation and satisfactory completion of all aspects in regard to Contracts administration.

Andrew began New Age Cleaning Services 19 years ago and therefore has a thorough understanding of client and general public expectations in all matters relating to Cleansing Contracts.   Andrew has developed an excellent working relationship with Council staff and his hands-on approach has contributed to the Company’s on-going success.

Andrew has always had a close and harmonious relationship with his staff and this has been rewarded in kind by long and loyal service by many employees.    The Contract administration concerns of New Age Cleaning Services Pty Ltd are extremely well organised.

Chris Ballard - Manager, Beach Cleaning Operations

Chris has worked for New Age Cleaning Services for 16 years since leaving his former local government employment with the cities of Mordialloc and Kingston.   Chris has always been involved in the management of beach cleansing services and was promoted to Manager three years ago.

Chris  manages a team that provide an efficient and effective  cleansing operation covering a wide range of services including mechanical beach cleaning, garbage collection, litter control and mechanical sweeping. 

Stuart Nixon - Supervisor, Amenities Cleansing

Stuart has been employed by New Age Cleaning for 13 years and has, since 2005, been the Amenities Cleansing Supervisor under existing Contracts.   Stuart has an excellent understanding and awareness of the expectations of Council and the general public; his qualifications include TAC Traffic Management Ticket and basic and bulk Syringe Handling Certificate (EPA).
Stuart has an excellent relationship and friendship with all cleaning staff under his supervision and this enables him to achieve a high standard of service.

Lorraine Richards - Office Manager

Lorraine has thirty years experience in office administration with an accounts based knowledge and has fifteen years experience in business management.  Lorraine has been with New Age Cleaning Services for 9 years and has a thorough knowledge of all payrolls, credit control, invoicing and other financial and administrative services.

Carol Lee - Administration and Customer Service Support

Carol had sixteen years experience working in Local Government in the UK, utilising secretarial and administrative skills, working in both Personnel and Social Services Departments.  After a break from working to raise children, Carol re-trained, and has now worked for New Age Cleaning for 4 years.

Carol is responsible for reception and front desk enquiries, the completion of necessary daily and monthly client reports and other general administrative duties.

The Management Team

Andrew Newman
Director and Projects Manager
e-mail – andrew@naclean.com.au

Chris Ballard
Manager, Beach Cleaning Operations
e-mail - chrisb@naclean.com.au

Stuart Nixon
Supervisor Amenities Cleansing
e-mail – admin@naclean.com.au

Lorraine Richards
Office Manager
e-mail – beach@naclean.com.au

Carol Lee
Administration and Customer Service Support
e-mail – admin@naclean.com.au